Refasten the keyboard in place at the top

htmlToshiba Satellite L305 Keyboard:  If not, it probably uses clamps that can easily be removed. Take the new keyboard out of the plastic, and slip the data cable back in between the plastic connectors on the system board. Take that same pick and lift the plastic connectors that hold in this data cable in place. Use the pick to push the plastic connectors back into place, and make sure it’s holding the data cable in. If you had to remove any plastic pieces, carefully snap them back in and replace any screws you had to remove.

Making sure that the laptop is power off, and the battery had been removed from the laptop.  Make sure it’s all the way in. If not, you may have to “eyeball” it if you can’t find a breakdown for your model online.  Turn the laptop back over and open it up. If you did everything correctly, the keyboard will work perfeclty now. If so, find if those plastic pieces are screwed into anything, and unfasten them as well.Things You’ll Need: A replacement keyboard A T-8 screwdriver (star shaped) A small head screwdriver An ESD wrist strap Removing the Damaged brand-new-black-toshiba-satellite-l305-keyboard-p-27256. Turn the laptop over and replace all of the keyboard screws. Replacing the Laptop keyboard . Make sure the screw holes or clamps line up at the top. On some models icons indicating which screws are attached to the keyboard are displayed. Remove those screws with a T-8 screwdriver. 3. 2. 5. Unscrew any screws at the top (if necessary) and remove the keyboard itself from top to bottom.  Refasten the keyboard in place at the top.  Carefully remove the data cable. Check and see if the keyboard is tucked under any plastic pieces. Now the whole keyboard should be free. twin screw barrel Turn the laptop over.

You’ll notice that the keyboard is connected with a thin, but wide, data cable to the system board at the bottom. Remove the plastic pieces carefully with a toothpick or plastic pick if there is any in the way. Slip the keyboard itself into place, from bottom to top. Finally, you can put the battery back in or plug the AC power

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